Precision Rolled Strip

Messingwerk Plettenberg casts and manufactures precision rolled strip in brass and copper alloys to known international standards for high-end industries including automotive, electronics, sanitaryware, watch components and electrical accessories.

Overview of the strip product range
  EN UNS Usual Applications
Gilding Alloys
CuZn 5 CW500L C 21000 Deep Drawn Components,
CuZn 10 CW501L C 22000 Medals, Ornaments &
CuZn 15 CW502L C 23000 Special Connectors
CuZn 20 CW503L C 24000
CuZn 28 CW504L
Brass Alloys
CuZn 30 CW505L C 26000 Stamped, Drawn & Pressed Components
CuZn 33 CW506L C 26800
CuZn 36 CW507L C 27000
CuZn 37 CW508L C 27200
CuZn 40 CW509L C 28000
CuZn35Pb1 CW600N
CuZn38Pb2 CW608N C 35000
CuZn39Pb2 CW612N C 37700
CuZn23Al3Co CW703R C 68800
Copper Alloys
CuZn 0,5 CW119C Electrical, Electronic &
Cu-ETP (E-Cu57/58) CW004A C 11000 Automotive Components
Cu PHC (SE-Cu) CW020A C 10300
Cu HCP (SE-Cu) CW021A C 10300
Cu DLP (SW -Cu) CW023A C 12000
Cu DHP (SF-Cu) CW024A C 12200
Cu OF (OF-Cu) CW008A C 10200
CuFe 2P CW107C C 19400
CuFe 0,1P C 19210
Coil delivery capabilities
Thickness Range: 0,2 mm – 3,0 mm (thinner and thicker gauges on request)
Width Range: 5 mm to 400 mm
Coil Dimensions: Inside Diameters 300 mm, 400 mm & 500 mm
Outside Diameter max. 1650 mm
Coil Weights: Up to 15 kgs per mm of strip width
Traverse Wound Reels: Flanged / Flangeless in width range of 5 mm to 50 mm on steel, wooden or plastic drums.
Multiple Welded Coils: Also available on request.

What sets us apart:

  • Tight control of the chemical properties, including trace elements, ensuring subsequent uniform mechanical and surface properties throughout the entire length of the strip.
  • An extensive range of brass and copper alloys with Technical Support to ensure the correct selection of materials for the application concerned.
    All available alloys are supported by data sheets, which provide an overview of the achievable material properties.
  • Flexibility in manufacturing to ensure the quantity needs of our customers are met as near as possible.
  • Strip in coil, traverse wound or multiple welded form are standard.
  • High environmental awareness with the optimization of the reprocessing of customer brass and copper scrap and customer packaging recycling.
  • TS16949, ISO14001 & ISO 50001 accredited manufacturer

Coil calculator

The formulas in this coil calculator are based on brass alloy CuZn37 with a specific weight of 8,4g/cm³.