With the ever increasing pressure towards achieving greater reduction in fuel consumption, lower vehicle emissions and vehicle weight, the correct selection of materials is vital to ensure that our customers stay ahead in the highly competitive automotive industry.

We are pleased to offer advice in this field and would welcome your enquiries. Furthermore Messingwerk Plettenberg strives to meet all the requirements of any new applicable standard or directive for the industry.

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Electrical & electronics

Reliable electrical conductivity properties are a key factor in successful component design and performance in electronic and electrical products. Messingwerk Plettenberg alloys provide an excellent solution for our customers.

We have long experience in meeting the product and service requirements for this sector. We would be pleased to able to discuss your requirements further.

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Messingwerk Plettenberg is one of Germany`s leading manufacturers of brass and copper alloy tubes for the sanitaryware industry. Superior tube surface finish & ovality with tight wall tolerances are key factors in the successful downstream manufacture of quality sanitaryware fittings such as shower riser rails and tubes for drinking water applications.

MOTEC® tubes from Messingwerk Plettenberg are high-frequency welded from precision rolled strip and meet these characteristics in full.

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